About Indulge Beauty

At Indulge Beauty, our mission is to empower you when it comes to beauty and grooming – leaving it all in your hands. We aim to redefine the industry so you feel good about how you shop, feel and look – confidence to show the world the real you.

This is your beauty, your way.

What makes you, you, and what becomes the embodiment of your personality should be just that – all about you. The first of its kind in the UK, we’re not just a retailer, we’re a destination that allows you to put the control back into the way you shop. We recognise that so much of the beauty out there seems prescriptive, encouraged by sales targets and commission schemes. Instead, everything from our products, services and expertise is informed by you. We’re here to revolutionise the industry and the way you shop for your beauty.

Our focus is to ensure you, our customer, is at the forefront of everything we do. From grooming and beautifying, Indulge Beauty is honest, real and believes in what it promotes, tailoring our product offering to you.

By facilitating an open-sell, cross brand and cross category selection of beauty and grooming products, we’ll select the best emerging, exclusive, cult and saviour brands in skincare, haircare, makeup and fragrance for both men and women.

One thing is for sure, Indulge Beauty is more than just a retailer. We aim to create components for people to not only look beautiful but feel beautiful from within, leaving beauty truly in your hands.